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Signing a Contract

Secure Your

Travel Investment

Protect Yourself and Your Investment

Travel Insurance isn't just for the seasoned world traveler; it's a must for anyone who wants to protect their investment in a vacation! Whether you're packing your bags for an international adventure or just hitting the road within your own country, having insurance can provide you with peace of mind and many other benefits. It's like carrying a pocket full of protection no matter where your journey takes you! So don't let yourself be stuck without it when you embark on your next amazing getaway - make sure travel insurance is part of the plan. You'll thank yourself later!

Scubadiving Trips

Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

1. Trip Cancellation Benefits can get you reimbursed for any prepaid trip costs when you have to cancel for covered reasons.

2. Medical Emergencies in other countries can be very expensive. Travel Insurance can pay for losses caused by medical emergencies as well as cover medical transportation and cover injuries or illness. 

3. Travel mishaps can always occur. Canceled flights, missing luggage, and other issues can make that dream vacation seemingly go south very quickly.

4. U.S. Embassy Staff is limited on the help they can provide to you in the case of emergency without travel insurance. The State Department strongly encourages Americans to carry travel insurance.

5. Travel Insurance is VERY AFFORDABLE! Ask WanderLux for a quote to secure your trip!

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